Minggu, 06 September 2009

Warm Greeting

Hey all folks !
You can say that this is Betty LA's transformation , because the owner is still me but the concept is a bit different.
But now , i raise this shop with my friend Diah . We all make the designs , patterns , and much more . And we are trying to make our own label or as you can say clothing line .
For web updates and uploading new arrivals , i do all those stuff
Diah usually takes the orders and produce the accessories and more .
I was getting bored with Betty's concept and all , so i talked with Diah to make a whole new store but not so far from Betty's concept .
And the result is this :)
Here are the difference between the "old" Betty and MIINT or as you can say the "new" Betty .
1. At betty , we only make shoes after there is an order and we can make other shoes with your designs
But now , we make shoes with our own style and ONLY accepts shoe orders just the same like it . You can only change the size . And totally with a new prize wich is cheaper and faster to make :)
2. Now we have 2 numbers ! So you can contact Me or Diah . If you don't want to text , you can email .
3. MIINT operational hours are everyday From 6 am 'till 9pm
The shipping days are only Monday-Friday and we deliver your package the next day after you transfer .
Example , you transfer us on Monday at 3pm , we deliver your package on Tuesday afternoon .
4. No refund people :) So pick your items carefully
5. There won't be only shoes here , but there will be clothing and accessories too .
But remember , we only produce 1 pc each item . So there will be no restock . We only produce 1 pc each item so there will be no one who can copy our creations and so you won't have the same outfit as anyone else :)
But for the shoes, if it's sold or it's not your size , You can totally pre order . But like i said , you can only change the size
6. We don't have timing on when the next arrival will be. But 1 week before the launching , we will update our status

And that's it :)
Love ya all

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  1. sabilaaaaaaaaaaaaaa i can't wait any longer for the stuff :D